Winter Biannual Bibliothon 2019 Day 1 Challenge

Hello readers! It’s the first day of the winter round of the Biannual Bibliothon and today’s blogging challenge is Winter Snow Storm Fun:
Name 3 book characters, 2 types of food/drink and 1 song you’d want to have to survive being in a car with, in the middle of nowhere during a snow storm.

Characters: I don’t want to pick anyone who gets anxious is small spaces, will do anything gross, or will be too annoying. And no couples, because that would be very awkward. I want Isabelle Lightwood, because she smells like vanilla. Hermione Granger because you can trust her to keep a cool head. Denna, from Of Fire and Stars because her fire magic can keep us warm.

Food/Drink: This is very practical, but water. I love being hydrated, and it just seems like a good idea if we’re going to be stuck somewhere for a while. And then maybe some kind of soup or stew that would stay magically warm.

Song: Not sure if this is a How I Met Your Mother kind of situation or not, but if it is, and the one song is stuck on repeat, so we have to listen to it nonstop for hours, then I want to be safe and go for something classical (can an entire symphony be considered a song? because if that doesn’t count as cheating, that’s what I want). If it’s just a song that I would want to listen to at some point during the adventure, then Complicated by Avril Lavigne, because I keep the album that that song is on in my car and it always seems to be a huge hit on road trips.

Happy bibliothon and happy reading!

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