Rereadathon Announcement

Hello readers! I am here today to announce a readathon that I will be a part of: the Rereadathon! This readathon will be taking place from Sunday, March 10th through Saturday, March 16th. There are seven reading challenges, seven blog hosts, seven instagram hosts, and seven booktube hosts. I will be your blog host for Day 1, on March 10th.

Here are the different reading challenges:


1. Giving a book a second chance

2. A recent favorite

3. An old favorite

4. A game changing book

5. An unpopular book

6. A childhood favorite

7. A popular book

On each of the days, the hosts will be posting about one of the challenges, which will be the theme for that day. Each host will also be running a giveaway, so make sure to check all three hosts on each of the seven days to see how you can enter the giveaways.

This readathon is meant to be low-key, so feel free to double or triple up on challenges. If you want to try for all seven with seven different books, great! But if you don’t have that kind of time or energy, then you can just treat this as a time to dedicate to rereading instead of picking up new releases.

For more information on each of the challenge days and all of the hosts, check out this Google Doc.

Also, make sure to follow the Rereadathon Twitter (@ReReadAThon2019) for updates, announcements, and reading sprints.

See you again on March 10th to talk about some game changing books, and until then, happy reading!

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