Mid-Year Goals Check-in

Hello readers! At the start of 2019, I set a bunch of reading goals for myself, so let’s see how I’m doing.

My first goal was to do a check-in mid-year to see how I was doing with my goals and re-evaluate the effectiveness of some of them if needed. Great, I’m doing that now!

Goal the second was my Goodreads reading challenge to read 100 books by the end of the year. I’ve read 59 so far, so I’m also doing fairly well there.

I wanted to try to read at least one classic and one adult fiction novel per month. I haven’t met this goal every month, but I read multiple classics and multiple adult fiction novels in some months, so it does kind of average out. I want to keep this goal, because I have been enjoying the challenge!

I also said I wanted to read more non-fiction and set myself a goal of reading 5 non-fic books by the end of the year. I’m part-way through my first one. I’m going to step this goal back to 3 and see if I can manage that a little better. I’d like to have at least finished the first one by the end of the summer.

In addition to classics, adult, and non-fiction, I wanted to try to read more adult high fantasy. I’ve read two books so far, and have enjoyed them, and I have a lot more on my TBR, so this might actually become one of my most read genres eventually.

My next goal was to start doing romance wrap-ups, which I have been doing. I missed the one for May, but I’m planning on doing a combined May/June post. I definitely want to keep doing these posts because it really helps me to think about romance as a genre, what makes a good romance novel, what tropes are fun, and which tropes are problematic, etc.

My (almost) last goal was to participate more in the online book community. I’ve done this some by guest-hosting 2 readathons. What I’ve done a lot more of is participating in my local real-life book community. I’ve been attending a lot more author events, I went to independent bookstore day, I volunteered at a book festival, I now have a weekly volunteer gig at a used bookstore that raises money for the library, and I even joined a book club. Getting out of the house to go hang out with bookish people has done wonders for my anxiety, and I’ve also gotten a lot of new books to read!

I made one final goal for myself at the end of January to read at least two books I already own each month. Some months have been better than others. I definitely want to keep this goal because I really don’t want to turn into one of those people who buys every book and then never reads any of them. I also might need to update my posts on the unread books I own. So look out for that post, and until then, happy reading!

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