2019 Goal Reflections

Hello readers! Long time, no write. I got a new job in August and I’m still working on the whole work/life balance thing. I do want to make one last post before the new year so that I can do a bit of reflecting on my reading-related goals for 2019.

I set several goals for myself in January and then re-evaluated in June. Here they are:

Mid-Year Check-in:

I wanted to make sure to give myself some room to change any goals that weren’t working for me anymore. I’m happy to say that I did this, and some of my goals did change a bit.

100 Books Goodreads Challenge:

I met and surpassed this goal with a current total of 116 books and the possibility of finishing one last one before the end of the year.

One Classic Per Month:

I set this goal to challenge myself to read outside of my comfort zone. I didn’t read a classic every single month. I actually only managed 6 classics this year, but Jane Eyre was one of them and I have always found that book a little intimidating, so I am proud of myself even though I didn’t meet this goal.

One Adult Fiction Per Month:

This goal’s purpose was the same as the previous one. I didn’t read much adult fiction until this year, but now it’s something I am much more comfortable with. I read 26 adult fiction novels this year that I bothered to track in goodreads, plus a handful of romance that I read this past fall and forgot to put into my goodreads tracker.

Read 5 Non-Fiction:

I changed this goal in my mid-year check-in to 3 non-fiction by the end of the year. I read How to be a Good Creature and The Soul of an Octopus both by Sy Montgomery. I’m halfway through my third. You know what, 2.5 is better than nothing.

Read Some Adult High Fantasy:

Check! I started the Mistborn series this year and also read some V. E. Schwab. Also, it might not technically be high fantasy, but my current read is The City of Brass and boy am I loving it.

Romance Wrap-Ups:

I did this for a while, but then I took a brief romance hiatus. Then I started my new job and haven’t posted anything since then, so this goal kind of fell apart. I’m at a point where I think I need to suck it up and start tracking my romance reads in goodreads so I don’t forget what I’ve read. I also am at a point where I read maybe 2.5 books a month, so wrap-ups are something that might be over for a while.

Participate More in the Online Book Community:

I guest-hosted a couple of readathons and participated in several others, but that was kind of the extent of my involvement in the online book community. I enjoyed hosting the readathons and I did have a few ideas for one that I could start, but I never got around to fully fleshing out my ideas. If you want an idea for a readathon or reading challenge, hit me up, because I’ve got several!

Read at Least 2 Books I Already Own Each Month:

Boy did this not happen. I think I read at least one book that I already own each month, but I can’t be sure. I also acquired a lot of books. It’s kind of ridiculous.


Okay, so I didn’t meet every single goal, but I do think they helped me out a lot. I will be setting some new goals for myself soon, so stay tuned! Until then, happy reading!

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