Enola Holmes and the Black Barouche

Hello readers! I was recently given an eARC of the newest Enola Holmes book. Normally, I might post a review on Goodreads, but I am slowly working on moving to StoryGraph, so I’m in a weird in-between stage of not fully using either platform. So this review will just live here!

Enola Holmes and the Black Barouche is a great follow-up to the Enola Holmes series! The book follows Enola as she nvestigates the disappearance of Lady Felicity Rudcliff, the Countess of Dunhench. The plot summary tells us that Tewkey will show up in this book, so I was worried that the plot would follow in the footsteps of the movie and put Enola and Tewkesbury together romantically. That would have rubbed me the wrong way, as earlier books indicate Tewkesbury is younger than Enola, and Enola herself is only 14. I was delighted that Tewkey’s appearance was only as a friend. I was also thrilled that Enola was able to develop her friendship with another young woman. As much as the Holmes’s late mother always said that Enola would do very well on her own, all I ever really wanted for her was to have a friend or two. I hope that if there are more books, that Lady Cecily comes back at some point.
Sherlock’s recap at the beginning of the story means that this book could very well stand alone from the rest of the series, and anyone looking to catch up with Enola need not start from the beginning. However, I think this installment will be most enjoyed by returning fans of the series. Enola is her usual clever – if somewhat overconfident – self, finding adventures or misadventures as every turn. Overall, it was great to return to this world, and I look forward to seeing what Enola will do next! Happy reading!

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